VIP Voxer day

for women who are ready to support their fertility naturally 
It's You and Me for a Day! (virtually)
It's a day you need to break through the overwhelm that comes with trying to conceive and become a mom.

you will have the entire day (12 hours) to consult with me, ask questions.

We will identify areas that you need to focus on to improve your fertility naturally

plus, I will provide you with prompts and suggestions to help you make real progress making changes

When you book, here is what you are really getting...
> A board-certified holistic practitioner with over 15 years of education and experience to help you on your fertilty journey

> A safe space to talk about all those things that you are uncomfortable or embarrassed about discussing with friends and family

> Your personal coach and motivator to help you work through the overwhelm to feel more confident and positive moving forward
Here is how it works
  • Schedule your Voxer day
you don't need to free your schedule for this... your voxer day can happen even if you are on the move, with kids, or working

What you need is to make sure you have enough time between your day’s activities to ask questions, listen and reply to messages 

You also need the emotional and mental space to process our discussions, feel the feels that come up, and to respond and ask your own questions
  • Connect on Voxer
This is a free app to download, works like a walkie-talkie

Voice messages are easy, don't cut you off with time limits and can listen to repeatedly

Plus you can speed them up if you are a fast listener ;)

We will connect with each other ahead of time and test messaging so we are good to go.

  • Fill out Intake Forms
I do like you to fill out an assessment that is delivered to your inbox. 

This helps me get a full understanding of your background so I can assess where you may need help and what we can focus on to help you improve
  • When your day starts:
You will have me for 12 hours! But don't worry this is not a long consult that you are expected to sit for the whole time.

We will share messages throughout the day, so you have time to eat, think and process. Allow you to relax   (remember the whole point is to not be overwhelmed ;)

This Day is Right for You if...
 > Want personalized support but don't have the space to sit down for a long consult

> A 12 week commitment is too long and your not ready for lab testing yet

> You have been scouring the internet and pouring through books to get information on how to help your fertility, but you just feel lost and confused

> You are a previous client and would like an in-depth refresher

> You have been wanting 1 on 1 coaching but not ready for a big investment yet

Frequently Asked Questions;

What do we cover?
We have 2 options:

1) We sort through the right meal plan, nutrition and supplement suggestions for you. 
we work together to understand how you should be eating through the day
meal planning, what foods to avoid, and what obstacles you tend to get stuck on
We also will chat through supplementation so you are not wasting money on poor supplements or possibly making the situation worse

2) It's your day, you can come to me and ask anything, talk through whatever you would like. No plan necessary if you got a lot on your mind.

What if we live in different time zones?
The hours are scheduled between 8am EST- 8pm EST
This allows plenty of time throughout most time zones

Can I do other things on my voxer day? What If I don't have childcare?
This is the best part of voxer day, we exchange messages back and forth throughout the day, allowing time to do other work, be with your kids, cook your meals or be on the road. 
You need time to listen, reply and ask questions. And you may want to be able to take notes once in awhile. But you this is a great way to fit in enormous value of consultations into a busy life.

What if I need to reschedule?
I totally get that things can come up, I ask 24 hour notice if possible for rescheduling.

Do I need to download the Voxer App?
Yes, but it is totally free and available on mobile or desktop

Ready to Jumpstart your fertility and your confidence
More About Me:
I am a product of IVF, that is right! My mother was not able to get pregnant naturally.

And when I first started to think about beginning a family, I felt fearful and overwhelmed from the time I was very little. As far back as I can remember I already had it in my mind that it would be difficult for me to get pregnant.

When I felt like I was ready to conceive, I went to my medical doctor. I told her I wanted to get pregnant soon, and because of my irregular cycles and hormone levels she casually threw pamphlets at me for medications and said it would be very difficult to get pregnant naturally. This was just like my mother, I thought I would be repeating the same story of being an IVF mother.
All my fears were validated by my doctor.

I had just turned 30 and I felt and knew my body was still not ready to be able to conceive, but I still had faith.

I knew I didn’t want to allow fear to constantly be in my mind and control me. I didn’t want to feel this way anymore.

I was not going to let that doctor or my past dictate my future.
I finally realized that what I needed was a cohesive plan that focused on MY body, and the underlying causes of my fertility troubles…
I decided things had to change. That’s when I made my “No Plan B Commitment” to myself.

Being too fearful to not even try was not an option. Putting it off, not changing, these were not options. I was all in.
So I decided to really listen to my body and find out what it was needing from me.

I implemented all of the principles of the 4 frameworks that I formulated from my 15 years of studying and working in nutrition and functional health and based off of evidence proven strategies. 

And I started ovulating regularly... and went on to conceive and healthfully carry my two beautiful children

I am a Board-Certified Holistic Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a Certified Diagnostic Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Natural Chef, a wife and a mother... 

and I dedicate my energy and focus in helping those like you who want to become healthy mothers. 

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